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Arta Tejart Savin Company Importer and supplier of all spare parts of construction and miningl machinery For more information and a better understanding of Arta Tejart Savin s company, you need to know more about this company s background, here we are going to provide explanations Starting with interest in the company s activities from one generation before our dear father began in 1960 with the entry into the field of construction machinery and road construction contractor, and after years of professional work in this industry, he started selling spare parts in the year 1986. As in Iran, business situations always change, we have always tried to provide the best service to our beloved customers in the supply of machinery and equipment with great power and experience. Today, Arta Tejart Savin has a newly developed, fully updated, professional system in the field of import and sale of products, and is rapidly developing in the industry with a clear plan and target.

Underground excavator

Underground excavator and ... An integral part of the mechanical parts and fittings in many road construction machinery, including bulldozer chains, excavator chains, chain wheels, shoe pads, top and bottom rollers, blades, links, bushes and pins, stiff chainsaws, corners, nails The front wheel and sprocket gear.

Arta Tejart Savin Company Importer and supplier of all spare parts of construction in Iran

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    لوازم جک ماشین آلات راهسازی

    Jack Gasket

    Spare parts for motors, hydraulics, jacks, wheels, sockets and alternators are just a part of the mini-loader. Spare parts for road construction machinery. Central Iran Hydraulic Company is pleased to offer you the best prices and quality of road construction machinery parts.

    لوازم موتوری کوماتسو و کاترپیلار

    Komatsu and Cat Engine Parts

    As explained on the original Komatsu site, a road or road machine such as a shovel or loader or bulldozer, whether Japanese or Komatsu, is the American brand of Caterpillar (the same applies to other brands of road construction and mining machinery).

    Arta Tejarat SAVIN Co. is an importer and supplier of all spare parts and spare parts for road construction machinery and minerals.

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